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Guide to Just Sold Campaigns for Realtors

A “Just Sold” campaign could be what sets you apart in your local housing market.

A “Just Sold” campaign could be what sets you apart in your local housing market. These campaigns go a long way in establishing credibility as a real estate agent while showing others what houses you offer. Here are some tips to get you started on perfecting this type of marketing campaign.

Tailor Your Copy to Your Area

One of the first things you should do is figure out is what kind of homes sell best in your area. Those homes are the ones you want to be featured in your advertising. 

For example, if you sell in an area that has lots of families, then homes with multiple bedrooms or a fenced-in backyard would be great to feature in your ads. This way, when someone receives your copy, they’ll believe that it was tailored just for them when you’re actually playing the odds. 

Reach Out to the Right Customers

Once you know what sells in your area, you have to find the people who are willing and able to buy. Many mortgage providers and other real estate places will release average homebuyer statistics, which can help you understand what the average buyers are looking for nationally. 

However, to stand out with your ad campaign, you need to be specific. Find out the average income of your area and try to match them with ads that feature homes in their price range. Survey the market and see what people are buying and where. The best way to stand out is to be on point with your ad. 

Promote Special Offers in Your Area

Highlighting great deals in your area is another smart tactic to use for your campaign. If you can sell a home in your area for a reduced price, then feature that house to your advertising targets to entice them. These deals could be homes selling for a reduced price from foreclosure or even renovation projects that are underpriced for a DIY buyer. 

Special offers could also come as sales or extras you throw in on your end. You could look at offering customers free professional staging or a set period to sell the house before you do so for free. Not every agent offers these deals, so those that do can really stand out!

Make Smart Design Choices

Sitting down to take the time with the visual design of your “Just Sold” campaign will take some work. To make sure that your ads stand out, try out some of these ideas: 

  • Use high-quality photos from places that you have recently sold
  • Use colors that match the color scheme of your business to create brand consistency
  • Create short, snappy headlines or copy for your ads
  • Have a call-to-action somewhere that gets buyers in touch with you
  • Add testimonials to build trust and a positive reputation

If you work these elements into your campaign, you’re bound to drum up some business for yourself.

Reach Out Consistently

Once you’ve generated an ad campaign that works for potential buyers in your area, you need to make sure that advertising goes out often. A one-time blast might work in the short term, but it won’t allow you to build a reputation over time. 

In real estate, it can take a while to build up this reputation. On average, monthly advertising over the course of a year tends to work best. 


“Just Sold” campaigns are a great way to build your brand and sell more homes to people that want them. With a little bit of upfront work, you can get your name out into the local community and connect buyers with homes they will love for years to come! 


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