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Five Tips for Writing Great Content for Your Realtor Website

Content helps build trust, portrays you as an experienced realtor, and most importantly, generates qualified leads.

As cliché as it sounds, content is king in today’s digitized business world. Businesses that blog reportedly get 67% more monthly leads and a significantly higher conversion rate than the competition.

Content helps build trust, portrays you as an experienced realtor, and most importantly, generates qualified leads. But for your realtor website content to achieve this goal, it needs to be carefully and expertly written.

How to Write Great Content for Your Realtor Website

There are over 600 million active blogs globally. All these are competing for the same audience only in different niches. Here’s how to write realtor content that stands out from the noise:

  1. Identify and Stick to Your Expertise

Creating content on broad topics is an excellent way to attract wider audiences, but it’s also like taking a shot in the dark — you don’t know who it’ll hit and when it’ll hit them. On the other hand, when you create content on what you know and are great at, it comes out naturally and paints you an industry expert.

Your deep knowledge and passion for the niche allow you to break down complex real estate topics into simpler bits that are both enjoyable and problem-solving. 

  1. Understand Potential Client’s Problems

Understanding the client’s pain point is critical if you’re to write great content. It allows you to create content that’s fun to read and effective in solving their problems. Once you settle on a specific niche, try to identify what real estate clients in this area need.

For instance, if you decide to focus on home sellers selling bungalows, offer content on selling faster or increasing a home’s value. The better your content solves their problems, the more likely they’re to hire your real estate services.

  1. Write Content for Realtors too

As with everyone else, realtors turn to search engines whenever they have a real estate question. They also turn to particular real estate websites to specifically keep up with the industry and expand their network. Once they come across a realtor site that expertly addresses common realtor issues, keeps them on top of emerging trends, and generally displays expertise in a particular niche, they will keep visiting more.

By creating content that expertly addresses common realtor issues and puts them on top of emerging real estate trends, other reputable realtors will be open to working with you.  Besides, creating content for both realtors and clients is like hitting two birds with one stone since you can always create content on topics that affect both realtors and clients.

  1. Create Content for the Web

Writing content that solves the reader’s pain points is a step in the right direction, but if it’s a wall of words, no reader will stick around till the end. Your real estate website content needs to be written for the web. It should be informal but not too casual. That means including enticing titles, a striking introduction, content chunks, and even visuals in your site content.

  1. Create more Evergreen Content

Evergreen content never goes outdated. It’s based on a topic that’s always relevant to the reader regardless of internal and external market changes. For instance, content with tips on increasing curb appeal is evergreen.

Such content continually drives site traffic, position you as an industry expert, and even improves site ranking. To write great content for your site, choose more evergreen topics and execute them expertly.

Best Practices for Writing Realtor Content

Here are some additional tips to guide you while writing each blog, article, home page, or landing page content you create for your realtor site:

  • Always create an outline. It helps you determine the goals of the content, arrange your points so they flow seamlessly, and not forget essential points
  • Research
  • Create two drafts, and sleep on it. Stepping away from the content you’ve created for a few minutes, hours, or days helps you view content from a fresh perspective and make necessary changes.
  • Proofread and edit
  • Ask someone to read through and offer 2-cents on it. Make the necessary changes, and publish your final draft.

Enjoy Increased Qualified Leads

Content marketing is a unique tool for any real estate professional. It accrues you the opportunity to compete with the big names in the industry and grow your client base. Although it’s difficult, it’s not impossible, and hopefully, the tips above will help you write great content for your realtor website.


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