Extracurricular Activities for Middle Schoolers

Getting your middle schooler into extracurricular activities is all about creating an open dialogue. Learn about them and what they enjoy, then make an informed suggestion.

In today’s world, it can seem like a chore just to get your kids off the couch. Between the iPads and Playstations and smartphones, the outdoors and physical activity just doesn’t have the same luster that it once did. 

Despite the intense competition of technology, schools and after-school organizations are still keeping kids active and engaged. They want to teach kids to spend their time learning productive skills or maintaining their health through physical exercises. 

In this article, we’ll outline some of the best extracurricular activities for middle schoolers. Read the list, and you’ll find the perfect club or team to keep your middle schooler busy. 

  1. Cooking Classes

There’s no time early enough to start your culinary education. The best chefs in the world began by helping their mom reach for utensils in the kitchen. Now your child can join the world of food preparations in an innovative and fun way. 

For middle schoolers, it’s unlikely they’ll be learning cutting techniques or anything dangerous. Instead, they’ll get valuable information on how to mix ingredients, make measurements, and use kitchen appliances like an oven and blender. 

If your child loves to eat, this can be a great activity for them. It can also expand their diet if they are picky. 

  1. Sports

The great thing about sports is there’s such a wide assortment of them to choose from. You don’t have to worry about your child being “unathletic.” There’s always a sport or activity where their natural-born talents will allow them to flourish. 

For those who love to run around, we recommend soccer. The sport is constantly moving, and it’s a great way to tire out an overly energetic child. If they’re more calculated and interested in skills, then try baseball. It’ll allow them to practice a few specific movements and perfect them. 

If your child is more cerebral, then you can always try something like bowling or chess. This will open their minds to the world of strategy while also keeping them active and away from screens. 

  1. Boy or Girl Scouts

Getting them in touch with nature is the perfect way to convince your child to loosen their grip on technology. There’s a world full of imagination and wonder right outside their window that they can only learn about one way: exploring it. 

The boys and girl scouts of America are reputable organizations known for building strong character and survival skills in kids for decades. They will teach your child about leadership, paying attention, community, and environment preservation.

As your child progresses through the ranks and badges, they’ll also learn the value of hard work and determination. Reaching the highest tier of these organizations is also a big bonus to any resume. 

  1. Theatre

By middle school, most children have already participated in a play. Whether it was a Thanksgiving special or a final rehearsal for their elementary school graduation, many of them will have some experience with the stage. 

Did your child enjoy the spotlight? If so, theatre is a vibrant extracurricular activity that teaches confidence, optimism, and memorization. Most schools have arts programs that put on performances annually, but you can also look into local organizations for more opportunities. 

Finding a hidden talent in this area is a huge confidence booster for shy children and will put them on a path to break out of their shells. In addition, you can use it as a mechanism to make them more open to the world and less introverted. 

  1. Music

Similar to the theatre, most middle school children will have some experience with music. Many elementary schools put children in a band or orchestra program that familiarizes them with classical music and instruments. 

In this setting, it can be somewhat demanding. However, if your child enjoys it, it can’t hurt to encourage them to continue after moving into middle school. It will be more challenging, but they will also learn complex and impressive music and potentially retain the skills for years to come. 

Studies have also shown that children who play an instrument perform better academically. It doesn’t have to be the cello. They can gain the same life skills from a guitar, drums, or even vocal lessons. 

It’s important to give positive reinforcement regardless of what your child chooses. Even if they decide to become the next big rapper, your support will be paramount in their success and related lifestyle choices. 


Getting your middle schooler into extracurricular activities is all about creating an open dialogue. Learn about them and what they enjoy, then make an informed suggestion. If they like to play NBA video games, buy them a basketball. 

As a parent, your support for them is the main ingredient to their success. No matter what they choose, stand behind them. In doing so, you’ll both be a lot happier. 


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