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Eclectic Home Decor Becoming More Popular

Eclectic style is an inclusive aspect of home decor that does not require you to select just one option. It is a great way to define your home with a touch of everything.

There are many different features to consider when designing your dream home. From the layout, appliances, and furniture to paint color, wall decorations, floor, and more it can be quite overwhelming. To add more to the mix, the idea of eclectic style is becoming more popular. It is a new trend that has been gaining traction to give your home a personality that suits your own. Whether you are having a difficult time deciding upon a certain decor like rustic or modern mid-century, you do not have to stress. 

Eclectic style is an inclusive aspect of home decor that does not require you to select just one option. It is a great way to define your home with a touch of everything. Eclectic style incorporates decor pieces from different periods. It has no set standards or rules to abide by and is essentially described as a way to enhance variety and unpredictability within the interior of your home.

Characteristics of Eclectic Style    

An eclectic style is created through the mix and matching of different types of home decor into one consistent theme. There is no one way to create an eclectic style, but be sure to keep in mind the best way is to make your own. You can, however, still follow specific details that are common to the eclectic style. Mixed patterns, global influences, old and new, and unexpected décor are great for starters. Each of these ideas is unique to you and your home. If you are looking to rearrange or change up the interior design of your home read further for more information on how you can take full advantage.

Mixed patterns are a prime example of eclectic style. It is rare to find anything to match perfectly, but patterns can be combined purposefully to reflect a diverse style such as eclectic. For anyone with a passion for traveling and exploration, eclectic home décor is just the design for you and your home.         

Inspiration and worldly features are intertwined throughout a home that encapsulates a wide range of diversity. You also have the option to use both vintage and newer time periods in one space. Finally, it may appear that everything has or is in its own place, remember that there is always the possibility that you will notice unexpected bits in an eclectic home. This in effect, will spur more creativity. 

Be aware that even though many tend to believe that eclectic style holds true to an “anything goes” way of décor, that is not the case. Eclectic style is very much thought-out and purposeful in combining patterns and designs. Throwing together a hodge podge group of decorations does not qualify for eclectic décor.

A few ideas to get you started can include, plants, focusing on your entryway, display color, and your favorite things, try something unexpected, mix up your art and accentuate worldly characteristics.

How to Spruce Up Your Living Quarters

There are plenty of different ways you can spruce up your living quarters, no matter the size of your home. You just need to know where to look for decorations and other items (paint, wallpaper, furniture, etc).

The most popular eclectic home designs include greenery along with a mix and match of colors and textures. The best part of the home to redesign is the entryway since everyone will see it when they come to visit.

If decorating with color is one of your specialties don’t shy away from it, embrace it and bring bold, bright tones into your home. Show off your favorite pieces because not only is that a great way to show off your personality but it also elevates the entire look and feel of the room. For anyone who has ever thought about wallpapering the ceiling, now is the time to try it out.  

Eclectic home styles always bring a certain aspect of the unexpected. It is a fun element that keeps predictability at a low rate.  When you are in the midst of redesigning your home, a gallery wall is another example to help in development. Look to pull in different colors and textures to give it a bonafide visual interest. Finally, take into consideration, if you are a traveler, in adding elements of your journeys. It is a way to entice guests with appealing personal stories and memories in forming a connection.   

If you refer to the trending topics in home furnishing you can and will reap the benefits of presenting your home in the most up-to-date version you can imagine. Eclectic styles are more popular than ever simply because they allow for people to distinctly decorate their homes to their own appeal while also sticking to one cohesive overall theme.  

Sticking to one theme is good for consistency and transitioning from room to room.  Eclectic décor is only in the beginning stages of its growth and will continue to develop even more over time when designers, whether professional or not, see how it adds beauty to any home.


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