9 Tips for Staging a House

Staging your house increases your chances of selling it. You should be as creative as possible when it comes to house staging. Your house's aesthetics should make potential buyers move in mentally. Your home's look and feel should be unforgettable.

The year 2020 will go down in history as a time when people had to stay and work indoors because of the COVID-19 pandemic. By the end of 2021, 1 in 4 Americans will be working remotely. This means more time spent in the house.

We are reacquainted with our homes and ultimately learning to appreciate them more. Our homes are now serving many roles, as working areas, living spaces, and play areas. More people are now looking to move into the perfect home environment.

Staging your house increases your chances of selling it. You should be as creative as possible when it comes to house staging. Your house’s aesthetics should make potential buyers move in mentally. Your home’s look and feel should be unforgettable. 

Here are nine tips for staging a house in 2021.

Accentuate the Positive

Make sure the positive aspects of the house are the most visible while concealing the negative ones.

Clear clutter from pleasant features like marble countertops so that it doesn’t distract the potential buyer. If there is any negative aspect of your house, try to make it as inconspicuous as possible. A good example could be, if the living room lacks a fireplace, ensure there is a focal point for that area. Large windows or beautiful paintings could be excellent focal points.

Remove Personal Items

Remove personal items from every area around the house. Items such as personal photos, toothbrushes, or shaving items are a turnoff to potential buyers. Although you might still be staying in the house, it would create a terrible impression if a potential buyer learns that someone is still using the house. Even leaving the toilet seat up could turn off a client.

Potential buyers would not want to imagine other people living in a house they are looking to buy.

Enhance Lighting

A dark room will feel gloomy. If your windows let in natural light, open up the blinds or curtains as much as possible. If the house doesn’t have adequate lighting, use lamps, mirrors, and light fixtures to liven it up.

Painting the Rooms

Adding a fresh coat of paint inside the house will make it look brighter. Painting may even give the rooms the impression of being bigger than their actual size. The fresh paint also gives the house a well-maintained look.

Upgrade Your Kitchen

A new kitchen will influence potential buyers to consider purchasing your house. It will give them the impression that you renovated the entire house. You will always recover the costs of the kitchen upgrade from the proceedings of the sale.

Defining Each Room’s Purpose

You need to ensure that you define every room’s purpose to avoid confusing potential homebuyers. In this era of working from home, we might have an office desk with a computer set up in the bedroom, a bassinet in the home office, or toys in the kitchen. Ensure everything is in its rightful place to define the functionality of every room.

Cleanliness and Neatness

Cleanliness should go without saying. You should have a clean house during home staging. Toys strewn all over the place, cluttered bathroom counters, unmade beds, poorly arranged furniture, and crumbs on the table are a big NO! 

The listing agent will always make sure the home is clean and everything put in place. A messy home screams carelessness, which will not inspire confidence in the potential buyer that this is the ideal house to own.

Arrange the rooms the best you can. Move furniture around to create a more balanced look. Place the coffee table at the center of the living room as it acts as the room’s anchor. The positioning of the TV and furniture arrangement should complement each other.

Highlight the Exterior

The lockdown that started in 2020 got a lot of us yearning to stay outdoors. We now appreciate outdoor spaces like gardens, terraces, or balconies where we can spend a few hours relaxing and loafing. 

If your property has exterior spaces, highlight them. Decorate them sparsely with furniture and ensure you schedule the photoshoots for such spaces on bright sunny days. If the weather acts up during photo sessions, no problem. You can use post-production apps that can brighten the sky in the background and enliven the photos.

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is significant as it creates the first impression upon seeing the front part of the house. Remember that your house’s exterior and the front yard are the first places potential buyers will see. 

Make a few minor changes to the front yard. Mow the lawn, prune trees and shrubbery, paint the front door and mailbox, and add colorful plants to line the walkway. You can also add pops of color to the front porch.

Attract Clients with Creative House Staging 

The national average home staging cost is $1,395. This includes furniture rental and decorations. Incorporate the tips above within your budget to highlight the home’s strengths while subtly disguising its weaknesses.

With these tips, you will quickly sell your house for top dollars. Get more potential clients and scale your home’s value with ingenious house staging.


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