8 Best Cities Near Charlotte, NC in 2021

We rank the 8 best cities near Charlotte based on what matters most so you can make informed decisions.

Charlotte is among the most populated cities in the United States in North Carolina and is famous for being a financial and business hub as well as a university town filled with highly educated individuals. It is among the best environment to reside in North Caroline as it provides its residents with an urban-suburban mixed feeling and most of its occupants are homeowners. Charlotte is surrounded by a number of best cities in the United States. Most of these cities are old cities and share similar characteristics as Charlotte due to developments they have experienced over the recent years.

Matthews, NC

Distance from Charlotte: 9 miles

Located between Union County and Charlotte, Mathews, NC is known for its varied set of amenities. Family-friendly entertainment activities, annual festivals, and many recreational resources have made Mathews one of the most attractive places within the North Carolina region. Its downtown environment is endowed with vibrant destination amazing with beautiful restaurants, buzzing nightlife, and shopping. It is all a great place to work, live and play. In addition, it is has been ranked among the safest places to stay and a conducive environment for raising a family. It is also known for its ability to hold special events and offers buzzing recreation amenities. This makes the city a major attraction for visitors.

Mount Holly, NC

Distance from Charlotte: 15 miles

Mount Holly, NC is another town near Charlotte, having a population of about 15610 located in Gaston County and among the best places to reside in North Caroline. Staying in Mount Holly provides the residents ample space since it is sparsely populated, offering a suburban feeling since most of the residents are homeowners. The city is endowed with a number of parks, making it a tourist attraction in North Caroline. The city is prominently recognized for its critical role during the Revolutionary War in the Battle of Trenton that resulted in a tactical success of Britain and strategic success of the Americans.

Mint Hill, NC

Distance from Charlotte: 13 miles

Mint Hill is considered the first town of Mecklenburg County. It is one of the cities in the outskirts of Charlotte, NC, found in the Northwest of the Union County and Southeast of Mecklenburg County. It is famously known as one of the tourist attraction towns in the United States, providing home ground entertainment services to tourists and residents. It is commonly referred to as the seat of hometown hospitality since it offers a lot. The city is known as a place where people come to enjoy homemade dessert sweetness while hanging out with loved ones such as family members. The city is also endowed with a rich history and culture that tourists come to explore while enjoying themselves.

Huntersville, NC

Distance from Charlotte: 14 miles

Huntersville is famously known for being the home of Lake Norman, the biggest artificial lake in the southern part. This makes it a recreational town where the residents are privileged to enjoy at home on the shores of Lake Norman. It is also a harbor for live music, making it an attractive place to relocate to. The city is filled with endless live music events at restaurants and local bars. Being close to Charlotte, its residents enjoy amateur, professional and college standard sporting activities. This implies that Huntervill is mainly recognized for the various recreational city and one of the main tourist attractions that flog into the city to enjoy a variety of recreational facilities. Such amenities make the city a major visitor’s attraction in North Carolina.

Indian Trail, NC

Distance from Charlotte: 17 miles

It is one of the neighboring cities of Charlotte, NC. It is the biggest municipality within Union County and one of the best and affordable places to reside in North Carolina. It is one of the affordable places to live, surrounded by great neighborhoods, the best schools and a substantial green environment. The city provides a number of activities involving parades, festivals, concerts and events throughout the Crooked Creek Parks, Crossing Paths and Chestnut Square. It has a number of parks offering an amazing assortment of outdoor events such as playgrounds, dog parks, fitness classes, walking paths, sports clinics, environmental education classes and an outdoor healthy and safe environment to enjoy. This implies that Indiana Trail, NC is generally an average city.

Cornelius, NC

Distance from Charlotte: 20 miles

This is another city surrounding Charlotte and is located in Mecklenburg County and one of the best places to reside in North Carolina. The town is famously known for its endowment with a number of recreational facilities such as a 54 miles extensive shoreline. It is one of the best destinations for lake fun, where tourists can paddle boards or jet skis and rent boats while exploring other unique attractions, lakeside parks, waterfront restaurants and shops offered by the city. The city is also endowed with many parks such as Bailey Road Park, Ramsey Creek Park and Robbins Park, which are large and major tourist attractions. This makes the town a centre of tourist attraction.

Concord, NC

Distance from Charlotte: 22 miles

Located in Cabarrus County, it is one of the largest and best cities to reside in North Caroline. The city is also endowed with a lot of parks. The city is famously known as the home of some of North Carolina’s leading tourist attractions, including the Concord Mills, which attracts millions of tourists throughout the years and the Charlotte Motor Speedway, which hosts most of the NASCAR racing sports like the Coca-Cola 600 and the America ROVAL 400 while hosting more than thirty different activities. This implies that Concord, NC is full of recreational amenities that have made it a center of a tourist destination.

Gastonia, NC

Distance from Charlotte: 22 miles

Gastonia, NC, is the biggest town of Gaston County, located in North Carolina. It is also known to be the second biggest satellite city within the Charlotte region after Concord. It is characterized by a moderate climate and numerous natural resources that offer recreational activities in abundance for its residents. It also has many tourist attractions, such as the Crowder Mountain State Park, which is its biggest natural heritage site in the city, covering over 3,000 acres. This attracts visitors to the city, including the U.S National Whitewater Center and the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden. All these resources make the city one of the attractive cities.

Based on those cities, there is one thing in common that they share with Charlotte city. Most of these cities are endowed with recreational facilities ranging from natural resources to artificial, making these towns attractive towns in North Carolina where visitors from all over the world flood these cities to have a unique experience, have fun, and enjoy themselves. Therefore, they share similar attributes apart from being major towns.


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