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10 Ideas to Boost the Curb Appeal of Your Home

Here are ten invaluable tips on how you can boost the curb appeal of your home.

The curb of your home gives the first impression to guests, and certainly, first impressions matter. No matter how good your home’s interior is, there is a huge gap without curb appeal. It might be hard to pinpoint what makes a curb appealing distinctively, yet you can tell when something is not right. To help you out, here are ten invaluable tips on how you can boost the curb appeal of your home.

1. Trim your Shrubs
Tall and window-obscuring shrubs are such a turn-off. Once your guests get there, they can’t get a clear view of the house. The good thing is, trimming your shrubs is a quick fix that doesn’t need a lot of time and resources.

2. Upgrade the Garage Door
Your garage door covers a significant portion of your home’s façade. Besides, it’s the one feature of your home you can play around with. Notably, there is so much you can do to upgrade your garage door. To start with, you can touch it with paint but pick your colors wisely.

However, your garage door could be a bit worn out. In that case, a replacement would do more good than merely painting it. While picking a replacement, consider the aesthetics and the style of your home. For instance, if your home leans more towards contemporary architecture, you can pick glass doors, which are quite the trend in this era. Nevertheless, don’t forget to consider other things, such as weather resistance besides the aesthetics.

3. Upgrade the Walkway
Your walkway can still look stunning without breaking the bank. You can, for instance, upgrade it through simple DIY projects. You could start by getting rid of chipped stones on the walkway. You can also make it look more appealing by getting rid of any weeds around the area.

Instead of focusing on the materials, lay more emphasis on the outlook. If you are on a tight budget, you can get creative with cheaply available materials, like repurposed bricks, and polish them to give the impression of tiles. For better results, take time to plan and explore your creativity.

4. Upgrade the Front Door
While the garage door attracts some attention, so does your front door. When looking to boost the curb appeal of your home, pay close attention to the front door. Just like the garage door, fresh paint could do the trick. While at it, ensure that the colors you pick complement the surroundings and the siding color.

Besides painting, you can add fixtures to your door to make it more appealing. For instance, you can add a new knocker or revamp your house number decal creatively.

5. Add Plants
When looking to boost the curb appeal of your home, landscaping is never a gamble. However, some gardens might be difficult to maintain, beating the whole idea of improving the curb appeal effortlessly. A viable alternative to high-maintenance landscaping is getting plants that don’t require a lot of maintenance. You can do so by incorporating garden boxes or planters into your yard.

6. Invest in Outdoor Lighting
Good lighting immediately gives a place life. The light illuminates your home’s best features, thus boosting its curb appeal. The trick with lighting is placing the lights in strategic places.

Keep in mind that visibility is also key. You can add a couple of lights to the walkway or the driveway if need be. Also, ensure that the lights you pick are aesthetically pleasing and in line with the overall theme of your home.

7. Deep Cleaning
You would be surprised at how much a deep clean could boost the curb appeal of your home. More often than not, people don’t realize how grimy their doorsteps or walkways are. For a thorough job, use a pressure washer. While doing so, be sure to touch on all neglected spots of your home, such as your window’s exteriors.

8. Planting Trees
Trees give your home a welcoming appeal. If possible, plant a tree in your yard to boost the curb appeal. If space allows, you can even plant two trees to frame your entryway. The good thing is, planting a tree doesn’t take long, and they are not expensive.

Remember to put some thought into picking the right tree. For instance, you want to ensure that the eventual width of your tree isn’t too huge, to the point that it devours the house. You might also consider other factors, such as the height and canopy of the tree.

9. The Mailbox
An attractive mailbox is the perfect finishing touch for an elegant home, not to mention it’s very useful. While looking to boost the curb appeal of your home, consider giving your mailbox a makeover. During the makeover, your only limitation is your imagination. However, ensure that the mailbox reflects your personality. For instance, you could pick a theme and build around it. However, be sure to adhere to postal regulations. Regulations include the mailbox being easily accessible to the mail carriers and having the house number attached. There might be other community guidelines that you might need to follow.

10. Paint the House
New paint would make your house look new as well. While it might not be a cheap investment, it is worth every penny. If your curb appeal budget allows, contact a professional painter and hit the ground rolling. Remember that the right exterior paint boosts your home’s curb appeal, so pick the right one. We acknowledge that picking the perfect color can be a tough call. Consider picking the shade first. Do you want your home light or dark-colored? Once you’ve settled on the shade, consider other accent colors, such as the color of your roof. Feel free to look for inspiration, and take time to sample the various options. Don’t be in a rush, as your decision will probably stick for a long time.


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